Boss’s story went on our local paper. I then took the courage, might also had been driven by my jealousy, wrote an small article and sent to the paper too. But never get published. So, why not just publish it on my own website!

With the spring just at the corner and the day time steadily getting longer and longer, once a year our coast wilderness started again showing her charming blossom to us. The bush right now is teeming with beautiful colours. Do you know the flowering time for most of the coastal native flora is at the late winter, early spring?

My husband and I have been native bush lovers since we settled on the Coast. Last week we walked through the 2km bushwalking Moonee Beach Trail in Munmorah State Conservation Area. The track starts at Snap Point Road, through all the way down to the beach, it continuously has stunning views over the Catherine Hill Bay bush and the ocean. Here are some pictures of our native beauty & charm we took during the walk. ( I have also captioned the flower’s common names in the Google album )

In the midst of the pandemic, crossing domestic borders has become a conundrum, let alone to attempt an overseas holiday soon. An old friend used to tell me, would you like to see your wonderful backyards before venturing further out to the other side of the world?

Time to explore our fantastic Central Coastal backyards now.